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Winning business is about cross platform solutions and smart tactical tools

Empower your business with strategical tools

Look into the future with market trends forecasting

Unlike others, our market analysis tool is forecasting future trends, not just looking at what was trending over past periods

Social Media Predictions Web Predictions

Dig into successful competitors and scrape the good stuff

Our tools are capable of cross-comparing and cross-crawling into multiple competitors all at once

Keywords scraping Social Media scraping

Build traffic from real users like you, not bots or click baits

Our tools are capable of crawling into sites, and exchanging them with other users per your CPMs

Refresh Exchange Refresh Crawler

Instead of fighting against search engines, collaborate with others for SEO boost

The only way to defeat Guliver is by collaborating with other businesses for genuine backlinking. We have the automatic tools for that.

Create backlinks Exchange traffic


Tag Predict

A smart cross-platform social media trends forecsasting tool and analytics

Price plans: from freeware to $29.90/year
webapp  extension

Keyword Predict

A cross platform web and social media keywords prediction tool, a must have.

Price plans: from freeware to $59.90/year

Content Gizmo

A real time content popularity analytics tool and forecasting for blog and social media content

Price plans: from freeware to $59.90/year

Scraper Crawler

Scrapes content, images, emails, phone numbers, regexp from any site and search results

Price plans: from freeware to $19.90/month
webapp  extension

Refresh Crawler

Crawls to any website to unlimited depth and refresh its content periodically, by your settings

Price plans: 100% free
webapp  extension

App Realizer

Turn any webapp into an android smartphone app APK in a click of a button, no need for developers!

Price plan: free to try, $9.90/month


Automatically generate high quality backlink by exchanging non-penalized backlinks with others

Price plans: 100% free

Refresh Exchange

Get other users to enter your traffic as you refresh their sites, fully automatic and fully anonymous

Price plans: 100% free


Hashlighter improves your productivity by highlighting hashtags on your screen, working on all social media sites

Price plans: free to try, $9.90/year
webapp  extension

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