Scientists solving complex ICT problems

Group of physicists and scientists handcrafting ICT solutions + Quantum Computing consultancy


Crafted Solutions

Designing and managing scalable web and app solutions with guaranteed delivery, specializing in AI, machine learning, computer vision, voice/face recognition and quantum computing. We also have 25 years of experience working with PHP, upgrades of PHP systems, stabilizing of custom made PHP solutions and migration of legacy php systems to newer technologies.


Full stack custom made web and app development

Quantum Computing

Professional quantum computing consultancy, by theoretical physicists.

Startups MVP

From an idea to MVP in 80 days and for economical cost

Architecture consultancy

For high traffic scalable solutions.



Few out of many clients we served, past and present

Face recognition and machine learning MVP. Cross platform apps + web app.


Events Bookings P2P Systems for celebrities and talents. 2 cross platform apps + web apps.

LifeCovered New Zealand

Online insurance calculator database and API. API upgrades, support and development.

Meridian Energy

Online CRM and assets management system. Online client facing system with a back-end management administration system.

New Zealand Parliament

Web strategy, management and the build of multiple online systems, CRM systems and the Parliamentary website, Intranet website.

Tag Predict

A social media forecasting SaaS startup. We delivered all the MVP technology including a Chrome extension, dashboard & database.


A Wellington consultancy firm to which we gave strategic and development services for multiple clients and projects.


A big data KPI dashboard that measures wastage around processes. We developed the math and the tech for the KPI dashboard.

Koi Kiwi

An MVP of ecological games for children, been featured by multiple New Zealand and US based educational and government organizations.

Price Estimates

We are delivering world class immaculate quality IT services with guaranteed client satisfaction.

SaaS Startup MVP


  • Front-end & Back-end Dev
  • Database Build
  • Online back-office
  • Custom made technology
  • Dedicated servers build

Cross Platform App


  • Front-end & Back-end Dev
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Database Build
  • Online back-office
  • Custom made technology
  • Dedicated servers build


per hour

  • Professional Services
  • Super friendly team
  • Awesome Support
  • Pragmatic hands-on approach
  • Fix prices options


Please note: prices may vary. We carefully select our clients and business partners and may not be able to service all requests.

Our team

We are a passionate, friendly team of professionals

Eran, CXO

Web Pioneer, CEO, CTO and a Technical Visionary with background in theoretical physics, Eran has demonstrated experience in turning ideas into online long term sustainable solutions.

Elena, Project Manager

Elena did her sociology Msc research with interest in remote communities at the north pole, she believes the devil is in the details and uses this focus in her execution of delivering better IT solutions.

Nitay, Tech Lead

Studying his Phd in Physics and Math, Nitay did his research on melting of ice-bergs in Antartica. He likes to travel and has been part of research groups at CSIRO - Australia, Victoria University - New Zealand and NASA run student competitions.

Maor, Developer

Maor is a Victoria University Msc graduate in theoretical physics and a Phd student in Europe for string theory. He speclises in high level mathematical modeling and research.

Ali, Developer

Passionate Software Developer who is extensively skilled in web and cross-platform mobile development, with experience in advanced implementations of computer vision and machine learning operations.

Sapir, Developer

Sapir is a Victoria University Software Engineering and math student with interest in machine learning and code. She is also playing in a musical band and likes art and science.

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